Porsche 936

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Bits and Pieces of the Porsche 936

The 936 model from Porsche was a racing car created in 1976. It serves as a successor to the 917 model. Instead of a 918, the name was hailed from the variety of the 930 model’s turbocharged engine. And since it has competed in the group 6 in racing, it got its model name 936. Porsche 936 was initially designed to compete during the 24 hours of Le Mans, as well as the World Sportscar Championship. The model won in both events. Throughout the racing years of 1976 to 1981, this particular model has won three times and has gathered a lot of supporters behind its back.

Porsche 936 Specifications

The Porsche 936 model has a maximum output of 573 HP at 8500 RPM. It comes with a turbocharged flat six engine which is oftentimes considered as a huge success on the part of the manufacturers. The success of the manufacturer during the year of production includes winning at both Le Mans and Porsche and Martini. The strike of luck went on during the year 1977 with more victories in their hand. The 936 model was actually the exact opposite of the car originally wanted by Fuhrmann for Porsche to introduce. Unlike its 934 and 935 successors, the 936 model was more comfortable for the racers.

Design and Revolution of the Porsche 936

During the autumn of the year 1975, design work on the Porsche 936 started behind closed doors. The model’s aluminum space frame was largely based on the earlier 908 Spyder practice model, while equipping a fiberglass body, similar to that of 917/30 can-am cars. It comes with softer curves in between the car’s wheel arches, side-to-side, as well as front-to-rear views.

The first production of the Porsche 936 model involves a car that comes with a silk black paint, with its noticeable martini stripes. At that time, the design alone looked futuristic, way ahead of its type, even though only old technology was used at that time. Since then, the manufacturers have started developing a whole lot of newer components, and were speeding up the process knowing that they were about to start working on for the upcoming competition at that time for group 6.

One of the primary components of the Porsche 936 model is its engine. It has a 2142 cc turbocharged flat six which is a copy from the RSR Turbo 1974. What made it a standout among other models is its induction system, which was designed to lower and adapt air-to-air intercoolers. The first car produced became ultimately ready for testing back in January 1976. Since then, more refinements were conducted, and versions were created, to the delight of the racers and avid racing enthusiasts.

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